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Types of Car Door Locks

Types of Car Door LocksMost of us rarely think about the types of car door locks that our cars have. The type of lock depends on several factors, including what features are available for your car’s make and model, how old the car is, and your personal preference. Newer car models come with more advanced security features that are designed to provide better security. Each type of lock has its own benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider when choosing your car’s type of lock.

Types of Car Door Locks


Standard Key Entry

Standard key entry locks are the most basic car door lock systems and they’re still available in older car models. This type of lock involves a standard lock that’s opened and closed with a  key. Standard key entry locks are still solid choices but they may not have much in the way of newer security features. They are, however, inexpensive to change or fix when compared to other options. you’ll also have an easier time getting a spare key.

This type of lock will often have a knob on the inside that can be pulled up or pushed down. Pulling the knob up unlocks the door while pushing it down locks the door.

Electronic Locks

Many newer car models are fitted with electronic locks. These types of locks come with an electronic key fob that allows you to operate the locks with the push of a button. They’re considered to be relatively more efficient than standard key entry locks and make it more difficult to break into your car. With electronic keys and locks, however, replacement keys are much more expensive as they have to be coded for your exact car.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry locks eliminate the need for a key. They work with a key fob that detects your lock or a keypad that’s attached to the door. The keypad options is a little older than the key fob option which is more popular in newer car models. These types of keys and locks are quite secure as it’s very difficult to break into a car with a keyless entry lock. Some keyless entry systems will not allow the engine to start if the key fob is not within several feet of the vehicle. The major drawback of a keyless entry lock is the cost of replacement, which can be relatively high. The added security comes in handy to keep you and your possessions safe and sound.

Child Safety Locks

Most cars have child safety locks built into the back door. These types of locks are aimed at keeping a child from opening the door in the back.

Bottom Line

The types of car door locks have evolved over the years and continue to evolve as newer cars are manufactured. There are plenty of unique options and you should be able to find one that meets your personal preferences. Factors to consider include reliability, cost and preference. It’s also important to consider where you live and the overall security of your area. Regardless of the type of lock you choose, whether it is for your home or car, Locksmith Guru can always help with any troubles and get your lock operating at maximum potential.

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