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Your door locks are the most basic form of home security. While you may have a sophisticated alarm system with the latest tech features, your home’s main line of defense is still the locks on your exterior doors. With that said, it’s important to maintain and update your locks when necessary. One question most people ask themselves is – how often should I change my locks?

How Often Should I Change My Locks

Door locks aren’t something people change that often but there are times when you need to change your locks over rekeying. In this post, we’ll highlight some of those scenarios.

Top Reasons to Change Your Locks

Unlike the filter in your HVAC system or engine oil in your car, you don’t need to switch the locks on your door every month or two. How often you change your door locks should be determined by certain incidents. Here are some occasions when you should change your locks:

You’ve Moved

How Often Should I Change My Locks

Perhaps the greatest reason to alter your locks is when you move to a new home. When you receive the keys to your new premises after closing, there’s no telling how many spare copies are out there. As such, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You Lose Your Keys

Whether you had your keys stolen or you lose them, it’s important to replace your locks as soon as possible. This is because you never know where your keys will wind up. Because you don’t know if your keys will be returned or not, changing the locks should still be a top priority as you never know if the individual made copies beforehand.

Home Burglary

If you’ve been the victim of a home burglary, you should definitely replace your locks. While spare keys were likely untouched, it’s possible to be dealing with potential damage to the existing locks.

Lock Damage: 

How Often Should I Change My Locks
How Often Should I Change My Locks

Like most mechanical things – your locks require some maintenance to stay effective. While lock maintenance will keep your locks working well for longer, it also worth noting when they fail or become damaged beyond repair. There are some common ways for a lock to break. If that happens, be sure to have them replaced immediately.

Bottom Line

These few pointers answer the question – how often should I change my locks? There are plenty of situations that may warrant a lock replacement. When it comes time for you to switch your locks, our team here at Locksmith Guru can replace your locks and ensure they are working properly.